Winter Games 2015

Team & Federation Packages

Pacific Attitude benefits from a genuine expertise in assisting Official Delegations and Teams with all their needs and wishes that go with being part of a competition. Not just being in charge of every single travel element (accommodation, transport, catering…), Pacific Attitude places a real priority and focus on setting the Team or Delegation up in the best conditions to optimize their stay and preparation, increasing their chances of success.

The strength of our indepth knowledge of New Zealand, especially about the best sporting facilities it has to offer, means Pacific Attitude will be, not only a Travel Planner but, a real local Partner with plenty of advice to assist your every expectations.

Over the past few years, Pacific Attitude has been developing this expertise through projects undertaken with its parent companies Groupe Couleur & Southern Travelnet.

As an example in 2011, organizing the Parliament Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, being in charge of both the on field and off field aspects of the Tournament. This included setting up an International Rugby Tour, Professional Teams’ Travel and arranging Pre Season camps and last but not least looking after the Delegation of Algeria (2,050 travelling people) in Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™

For any tailor-made package, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced & friendly team who will be pleased to assist you.

Our packages

Pacific Attitude has put togther a range of dedicated travel packages to suit your every wish & need. From Opening to Closing Ceremony, Ski and Snowboarding action in Queenstown and Wanaka and from Cross Country to Curling, there is a travel solution for everybody.

Please check our Travel Packages below and contact our team to either make a booking or ask for a personalised quote.

Opening Weekend

» Opening Weekend
3 nights in Queenstown
The Mighty Freestyler

» The Mighty Freestyler
7 nights in Wanaka
Fast & Furious Slalom

» Fast & Furious Slalom
7 nights in Queenstown
Full Event 14 night package

» Full Event – 14 Night Package
7 nights in Queenstown &
7 Nights in Wanaka
Event Finals & Closing

» Event Finals & Closing
3 nights in Wanaka


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